How Aurora Capital Achieved a 65% Boost in Organic Conversions and Increased Keyword Visibility in Just 12 Months


Aurora Capital, a UK funding specialist, partnered with SaaSible to enhance their online visibility, increase organic conversions and reduce CAC. With a comprehensive SEO strategy that focused on content creation, link building, and digital PR, Aurora Capital achieved fantastic results.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

reduction in cost per lead
improvement in conversation rate
leads generated
Aurora Capital's SEO journey demonstrates the power of a targeted approach and the impact it can have on customer acquisition and lifetime value. By optimising their online presence and leveraging industry insights, they were able to unlock substantial growth and drive sustainable results.
Richard Cannon
Content Strategist at SaaSible

The Project

The project aimed to enhance Aurora Capital's online visibility, drive customer acquisition, and optimise customer lifetime value. The strategy included comprehensive keyword planning and customer lifecycle management to attract and retain high-value customers, since the client had seen difficulty acquiring leads in such a competitive SaaS and finance market. Combining SEO with link building and digital PR eventually saw Aurora Capital ranking on the first page of Google for key funding options and specific industries.

The Company


  • As leading funding specialists Aurora Capital were keen to grow their business online and reduce CAC.
  • They wanted to establish a strong competitive presence against high authority domains, increase keyword visibility across multiple search engines and reach specific businesses and a personalised audience.
  • Challenges involved competing with well-established business brokers in the industry and tailoring content to reach these target audiences.

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  • Establish a strong competitive presence using targeted landing pages and backlinks
  • Increase keyword visibility with a strong strategy and supplementary content clusters
  • Tailor content to reach specific businesses using insights from audience deep dives and workshops
  • Optimise CAC by boosting leads and keeping marketing spend low

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

Reduced CAC
Enhanced marketing attribution
MRR growth
Aurora Capital’s SEO journey highlights the critical role of data-driven optimisation and customer-centric strategies in achieving success in the SaaS industry. By leveraging these elements, we were able to drive sustainable growth for them, and maximise the value of each customer.
James Speyer
SEO Account Manager at SaaSible


Aurora Capital partnered with SaaSible to enhance their SEO performance and drive organic conversions. Through extensive research and customer intent analysis, a comprehensive keyword strategy was developed. The team focused on optimising website pages, creating targeted content, and conducting competitor analysis to leverage industry best practices.
Continuous monitoring of keyword visibility and proactive optimisation led to significant improvements in keyword rankings and organic visibility. A robust link building strategy, including manual outreach to high domain publications, resulted in a substantial increase in backlinks and referring domains.
SaaSible also focused on reducing CAC by optimising organic conversions. To do this, the team created landing pages tailored to specific businesses and industries, helping Aurora Capital establish a strong online reputation. This led to a boost in both organic traffic and conversions.
The project's success positioned Aurora Capital on the first page of Google for key funding options and specific industries, solidifying their position as a leading funding specialist.
The project's success in driving MRR growth was fueled by a comprehensive SEO strategy, resulting in increased organic traffic and higher conversion rates. Aurora Capital’s online visibility improved significantly, driving user adoption and revenue growth.

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