How global payment processing specialist Fibonatix achieved a 69% MQL-to-lead rate in just 2 months


By implementing a strategic combination of Hubspot and Google Ads, SaaSible helped Fibonatix, a global payment services provider, overcome poor lead quality issues and achieve exceptional results. Within two months, the MQL-to-lead rate reached an impressive 69.44%, surpassing initial projections and driving substantial growth.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

MQL-to-lead rate in month 2
more qualified leads than initially projected
Our collaboration with Fibonatix enabled us to leverage the power of Hubspot and Google Ads, transforming their PPC strategy and delivering outstanding results. The combination of transparency, a deep understanding of their brand, and close communication proved to be the key to success.
Simone Spence
PPC Specialist, SaaSible

The Project

SaaSible partnered with Fibonatix in April 2023 to revamp their PPC strategy and address the challenge of poor lead quality. By integrating Hubspot into their Google Ads campaigns, a comprehensive lead tracking and qualification system was established. This allowed for accurate assessment of lead quality and optimisation of targeted keywords to attract more high-quality leads.

The Company


  • Ineffective Google Ads performance: Fibonatix had previously experienced limited success with their Google Ads campaigns, failing to generate quality leads.
  • High volume of poor-quality leads: Their previous PPC efforts resulted in an influx of leads, but most of them lacked the desired quality or qualification, leading to wasted resources and time.
  • Difficulty in identifying qualified leads: Without proper tracking and assessment, Fibonatix struggled to determine which leads were genuinely qualified and worth pursuing.

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  • Develop a comprehensive PPC strategy that combined Hubspot and Google Ads to address the challenge of poor lead quality.
  • Implement a lead tracking and qualification system using Hubspot to accurately distinguish between qualified and unqualified leads.
  • Optimise keyword targeting to attract high-quality leads and improve overall campaign performance.
  • Increase lead quality to support Fibonatix's growth objectives and drive MRR.
  • Establish transparent communication channels and close collaboration to ensure a deep understanding of Fibonatix's brand and goals.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

Reduced CAC
Increased MRR
Improved tracking capabilities
Our strategic use of budget, meticulous optimisation of campaigns, ad groups, and ads, along with close collaboration with Fibonatix, resulted in remarkable outcomes. We are proud to have contributed to their success and look forward to achieving even greater results together.”
Fiorela Imari
Account Manager, SaaSible


At the core of the collaboration between Fibonatix and SaaSible was transparent communication, a profound understanding of the brand, and a data-driven approach. The partnership began by implementing Hubspot and Google Ads, enabling effective tracking and qualification of leads.
The SaaSible team meticulously analysed keyword performance, identified patterns, and optimised the targeting strategy to attract high-quality leads. Each month, the results exceeded expectations, leading to increased confidence and a decision to scale the budget for further success.
The transformation of Fibonatix's PPC strategy with the integration of Hubspot and Google Ads truly demonstrated the power of a tailored approach. By aligning goals, optimising keyword targeting, and closely monitoring lead quality, the partnership achieved outstanding results, with Fibonatix seeing a significant growth in qualified leads.
The success story continues, and both teams are excited to unlock new possibilities and drive continued expansion together.

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