How Harbr achieved 1.3m+ targeted impressions and 279+ leads in 1 year of LinkedIn ads


From a concerning position of low conversions and low lead gen, SaaSible helped Harbr rewrite the script. Our work saw Harbr benefit from a major CRO / UX-driven site redevelopment, and our LinkedIn ad campaigns were so wildly successful that Harbr stakeholders recently decided to expand both the resources and scope of our marketing and growth strategy work.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

targeted impressions
high quality leads, with a lead → MQL rate of 50%+
Industry leading CTR of
and CPL of $216
Our work on LinkedIn was all about performing micro-tweaks to create competitive difference-makers. That’s what led to the client achieving such remarkable results… in an industry where organisations can pay thousands for just one lead, a CPL of $216 is staggering
Iva Ivanova
SaaS account strategist & social media executive

The Project

Harbr’s website needed a serious overhaul, and the company was suffering from a worrying lack of leads. The data marketplace niche is a highly competitive environment, and CPLs can be extremely costly, but through CRO-focused web design and a high-CLV, low-CAC LinkedIn lead gen campaign, we were able to change the trajectory for Harbr. Looking to the future, all core velocity metrics are trending upward, and it’s exciting to see what ARR successes will come next in this dynamic relationship.

The Company


  • After entering a new role, a senior Harbr executive remembered our work with a prior organisation and, optimistic about a repeat of historic success, contacted our team regarding Harbr’s situation.
  • There were two major issues that needed addressing as a priority. Firstly, the legacy website was in need of an upgrade. It was not optimised for CRO, SEO, and displaying negative performance metrics.
  • Harbr also struggled to generate new business. Within the industry, even one client relationship is a major revenue opportunity – but conversion journeys can be long, with multi-step nurturing needed, and the sales team consistently fell short of a conversion position.

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  • The work began with a major website overhaul and redevelopment, driven by SaaS CRO and optimal UX.
  • We also looked to LinkedIn as a cost-effective way to generate highly qualified sales opportunities.
  • Ultimately, we needed to develop an efficient pathway to turn those prospects into MQLs, and drivers of ARR.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

1.3m+ LinkedIn impressions + industry-leading CTR of 0.4%
Over 1:2 lead → MQL ratio, resulting in unprecedented $216 CPL
279+ high-opportunity leads generated, including 118+ in past 6 months
Interestingly, we found that composing visual creatives in a square format – rather than horizontal – achieved significantly better click-through rates. We iterated various ad copy and creatives to generate an optimal prospect-to-lead-to-conversion journey
Iva Ivanova
SaaS account strategist & social media executive


Operations commenced with a major website overhaul. The legacy site showed its age; it didn’t reflect Harbr’s future-facing ethos, suffered from a non-optimal UX journey, and as a result, resulted in low conversions. SaaSible redeveloped the entire site, bringing both visuals and copy into alignment with the Harbr brand. Of course, we paid close attention to both CRO and SaaS SEO, in order to position the new site for maximum discoverability.
The next step was to start generating new business opportunities. We were aiming for a lot more than mere impressions: Harbr’s key customer segment are C-suite executives – company directors, senior decision-makers, VPs, data officers – and so we knew that our work on LinkedIn would require both marketing science and strategic craft.
Thanks to some extensive background work and collaboration with Harbr stakeholders, our LinkedIn lead gen campaign proved to be an instant and unmitigated success. During the first year (from 1.3m+ impressions and a CTR of 0.4%), we created 279 highly qualified sales opportunities, at an industry-unprecedented CPL of $216.
Along the way, we continuously iterated and optimised campaign variables to ensure the sales momentum continued to accelerate. Part of this included expanding our targeting methodologies (from a generalised approach) to include an ABM strategy, and company / job profiling protocols.
Similarly, we experimented with various ad creatives and copy, focusing on streamlining and simplifying the user conversion journey. We also implemented a more structured, 3-tiered lead qualification process, to support increased traffic and demand.
The results truly speak for themselves. Unanimous support from stakeholders and investors has seen us expand the scope of the account. Harbr has increased marketing and growth resources, enabling us to test PPC in the Google Ads space, which is showing early and equally impressive positive signs.

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