How Rezatec Skyrocketed Sales Leads by 72% in 3 Months


Rezatec, a leading B2B SaaS provider of Geospatial Analytic software, partnered with SaaSible to enhance their lead generation efforts. Through persona-specific content funnels and targeted campaigns, we achieved remarkable results, increasing high-quality sales leads by 72% while reducing the cost per lead by 36%.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

increase in high-quality leads
reduction in cost-per-lead
Significant uptick in website traffic
Our tailored lead generation strategy empowered Rezatec to drive exceptional results, attracting high-quality leads and optimising their customer acquisition cost. By leveraging our expertise in marketing attribution, customer lifecycle management, and scalability, we helped Rezatec achieve sustainable growth.”
Charly Chow
Strategy Director, SaaSible

The Project

Our collaboration with Rezatec focused on building automated marketing funnels based on a persona-driven strategy. The goal was to maximise the volume of high-quality leads while optimising their customer acquisition cost, with a strong emphasis on customer lifetime value and scalability. To ensure we reached new potential clients across multiple industries, we developed persona-driven marketing funnels tailored to key buyer segments.

The Company


  • As specialist B2B SaaS providers, Rezatec were keen to establish their ideal customer base so that they could streamline their targeting and generate more leads.
  • Challenges included limited online visibility and brand awareness in the target market, making it difficult to attract and engage potential clients.
  • To solve the challenges, we implemented persona-driven marketing strategies to target specific customer segments and deliver personalised messaging.

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  • Implement persona-driven marketing strategies to precisely target Rezatec's ideal customers and tailor messaging to their specific needs and pain points.
  • Develop highly effective LinkedIn ad campaigns with compelling ad copy variations for each persona.
  • Create lead magnets filled with unique insights and valuable content, attracting prospects into the sales funnel and nurturing them towards conversion.
  • Continuously optimise campaigns, refining targeting, messaging, and ad copy variations.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

More high quality, targeted leads
Better traction on supplementary content pages
Increased customer lifetime value
Our approach to persona-driven lead generation, combined with smart targeting and compelling content funnels, allowed Rezatec to achieve remarkable results. By refining their lead generation strategy, they were able to attract high-quality leads and maximise their customer lifetime value.
Richard Cannon
Content Strategist, SaaSible


To ensure precise targeting and effective messaging, we conducted an in-depth persona workshop with Rezatec. This workshop allowed us to understand the specific goals, challenges, pain points, and objections of Rezatec's ideal customers. It also helped us establish the right messaging and tone of voice to resonate with the target audience.
Leveraging our expertise in marketing attribution, we developed targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns. We crafted different ad copy variations for each persona, ensuring that the messaging resonated with their specific demographics. Additionally, we created lead magnets filled with unique insights, learnings, and tips that appealed to each persona group, enticing them to engage with Rezatec's offerings.
With a content strategy-driven approach, we continuously optimised the campaigns. We refined the ad copy, tested different variations, and closely monitored the performance to ensure maximum effectiveness. By constantly fine-tuning the targeting and messaging, we were able to drive an impressive reduction in cost per lead for Rezatec within the first three months of the campaign.
Building on the success of the ad campaigns, we collaborated closely with Rezatec to establish a consistent rhythm for blog production. We developed a system to continuously create informative and engaging blog posts targeting Rezatec's primary sales focuses and relevant key terms. This approach not only enhanced their online presence but also positioned Rezatec as a thought leader in their industry.

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