How SaaSible Boosted Pricing Requests by 54% For Recruitment Software Platform BeApplied in 6 Months


Thanks to a strategic SEO and content marketing approach from SaaSible, BeApplied experienced significant increases in keyword growth, backlinks, referring domains, pricing requests, and keyword visibility.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

Keyword growth increased by
Backlinks increased by
Referring domains increased by
We're thrilled to have collaborated with BeApplied in achieving outstanding results through our tailored SEO and content marketing strategy. It's a testament to the power of data-driven optimisation and engaging content.
James McGarrie
Account Manager, SaaSible

The Project

BeApplied, a leading recruitment software provider, partnered with SaaSible in November 2022 to enhance its online visibility and drive more demo and pricing requests. The project involved extensive research, content development, optimisation, and persona alignment to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Company


  • BeApplied aimed to increase its online presence and reach a broader audience to generate more leads.
  • The client wanted to improve conversion rates by increasing the number of qualified demo and pricing requests.
  • BeApplied faced stiff competition from other HR software providers, making it crucial to differentiate the brand and establish leadership within the market.

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  • Boost online visibility: SaaSible focused on implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy, targeting relevant keywords and optimising content to improve BeApplied's search engine rankings.
  • Increase lead generation: By enhancing the user experience and aligning content with target personas, SaaSible aimed to drive more demo and pricing requests from qualified prospects.
  • Establish brand authority: SaaSible aimed to position BeApplied as a thought leader in the recruitment software industry through engaging and informative content.

Since partnering with SaaSible, our client has seen…

Engaging content and optimised landing pages
Increased organic traffic and backlinks
Better keyword visibility
Working closely with BeApplied stakeholders, we harnessed the power of SEO and content marketing to position the company as a leading player in the recruitment software industry. The exceptional results speak to the value of data-driven strategies and compelling content.”
Richard Cannon
Content Strategist, SaaSible


BeApplied, a leading recruitment software provider, partnered with SaaSible to enhance its online presence and generate more demo and pricing requests. Through a data-driven approach, SaaSible developed a strategic SEO and content marketing strategy, targeting relevant keywords and creating engaging landing pages and blog content. Despite challenges such as seasonality and competition, the collaboration between BeApplied and SaaSible yielded impressive results.
The project began with comprehensive research and analysis, identifying lucrative keywords in the recruitment software industry. The team at SaaSible created content clusters, optimised landing pages, and produced engaging blog articles, positioning BeApplied as a thought leader. A tone of voice and persona workshop ensured a cohesive brand experience.
BeApplied witnessed substantial growth in key metrics. Keyword visibility increased by 48.99%, backlinks by 67.52%, and referring domains by 59.85%. Pricing requests experienced a remarkable 54.17% surge, indicating improved lead quality. The close collaboration and data-driven optimisations between the teams propelled BeApplied's success.
The partnership between BeApplied and SaaSible has elevated their online presence, solidifying their position as a trusted recruitment software provider. With increased visibility, a robust backlink profile, and a growing network of referring domains, BeApplied is well-equipped for future and exponential growth.

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